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Westminster Blog

Hello Everyone!
We are excited to announce we are starting a blog for Westminster Arch Apartments! We have been on the web for many years but are now adding the additional feature of a blog to the website.

We invite you to follow our blog and comment if you wish. We will experiment with different methods to subscribe and will make changes as needed.

What we will blog about will be a product of admin topics and subscriber comments. I don’t see the content limited to Westminster but would like to see interesting info about happenings in and around Philly.

We do want to see your comments and look forward to them. We will begin the blog with comment moderation but please know that your ideas and feedback are appreciated, and encouraged.

It’s hard to believe Summer is over!

Why does winter seem to last forever and summer is gone in a blink of the eye?
Rick has outdone himself with the front planters this year. The plants are spilling out onto the sidewalk prompting neighbors to stop for a photo and inquire as to the secret of his success.westminster plants
Autumn is a great time for lots of outdoor activities in the area. Cycling is one thing I can recommend. The Bicycle Club of Philadelphia (BCP) has a Fall Foliage Weekend scheduled in October and there’s lots of things to see and do right here in Fairmount Park.

Westminster "Top Rated"!

We were extremely honored to receive the “Top Rated” award from Apartment Ratings.
This is measured by resident satisfaction comments on www.apartmentratings.com
Thanks to all the residents. You can read all the comments on the Apartment Ratings website.
There’s always room for improvement so let us know what you think and what we can do better.

Spring Forward!

With winter waning (at least according to the calendar) it’s time to Spring Forward...Daylight Saving Time Begins at 2:00 AM on Sunday, March 8th
Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour.

We're here to help so please contact us in the Rental Office if we can be of service.

Spring Forward


A big thanks to Rick for a great job on the Halloween decorations at the entrance of Westminster Arch Apartments. Many residents commented on the display and the children in the neighborhood and our Greene Towne Montessori School on the first floor all enjoyed it. The leaves on the trees are surrendering so winter can't be far behind.

Rick, we can't wait to see what's in store for the next holiday season.

Halloween Decorations

A Little HistoryPilling Building
Over the years there have been countless medical students, doctors, nurses and many others in the medical field as Westminster residents.

At one time we had doctors from almost every specialty residing at Westminster at the same time. This is no big surprise with all the world class medical schools in the city.

Recently one of our current residents sent me an interesting historical document about the use of the building (Westminster Arch) around the turn of the century.

It documents the occupant of the building as a factory and retail outlet manufacturing medical instruments.

The company was called George P.Pilling & Son Company and they manufactured thousands of medical devices.
The catalog is available online.

The Pilling company would feel right at home in Philadelphia today as the city has reinvented itself from manufacturing to ‘eds and meds’
(Interesting Article Here)

Hello Westminster Residents
The Logan Square Neighborhood Association is holding its annual party Sunday September 21, 2014.
I will be held on Croskey Street on the east side of Westminster Arch Apartments. We have agreed to allow the use of the courtyard for the event.
For the residents who’s apartments face East please make a note of the event time between 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm. All Westminster Residents are invited.
See more details here. http://www.lsnaphilly.org/announcements/annuallsnablockparty

We're happy to let all our residents know the lobby restoration work has been completed.

We want to extend our appreciation for everyone’s patience during this construction period due to the flood damage.

Greene Towne Montessori School Toddler House has also re-opened for their fall program(s).

The damage from the flood waters to the first floor was extensive. Westminster along with Greene Towne Montessori School Toddler House are working hard to restore the building as quickly as possible.

Here’s a photo taken in the lobby showing 2 feet of the wall removed.

It was past midnight when the first call came…..”Come quick! The river’s flooding and it coming toward the building!”

In fact the Schuylkill had already left the confines of its banks and was slowly creeping toward us. First the beautiful Schuylkill River Trail disappeared --the train tracks were next to go and that being the high ground between us and the river left a foreboding sensation in my gut.

I’d been through this all before …..back in 1999 when hurricane Floyd tracked the East Coast with Philly in its sights….Oh but this didn’t make it any easier….
You see, the difference is, unlike a tornado which comes quickly and violently leaving you wondering where your house went…the flood comes silently and slowly.
It gives you just a little time to raise prized possessions off the floor and reminisce about the things you know will be destroyed. Soon the water starts to enter and you make a few feeble attempts to combat it with a small stick broom. Soon enough the battle is lost and you’re wading and pulling up your britches thinking “I should have worn shorts”

A year of work remodeling the first floor of Westminster Arch Apartments with the beautiful new Greene Towne Montessori School Toddler House and the new rental office for Westminster was all washed away in minutes.………..
I submit this as proof it doesn’t always happen to someone else. While we mourn the loss we have already begun the process of rebuilding.

Pardon The Dust!

Things they are a changing…

The construction on the first floor and in the Westminster lobby is due to the expansion of Greene Towne Montessori School.

Westminster Arch Apartments is pleased to announce that Greene Towne Montessori School is undergoing extensive expansion and remolding to its Toddler facilities. The expansion will include the addition of a third classroom for Toddlers, a lobby, administrative offices, and a new home for the Primary level All-Day Montessori community.  The primary entrance for Green Towne staff and students will continue to be from the Courtyard on Croskey Street.  Work is expected to be completed in early August.

The Westminster Arch Apartment management office is part of this renovation.
In order to accommodate the school’s expansion Westminster is moving the management office to the front of the lobby. The entrance to the office will be located on the west side of the lobby. The mailboxes and bulletin board will also be moved to their new locations along the west Lobby wall closer to the front entrance.

We are excited about these changes and look forward to the construction being completed. We want to invite all the residents to stop by to visit us in our new location.

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